Phoenix Janitorial Services

Tips on How to Maximize Your Phoenix Janitorial Services

As a business, you need to be sure that the cleaning company you hire does their job correctly. Here are a few helpful tips you can employ to ensure that you get the most out of your professional janitorial company in Phoenix.

Clear Away Clutter

Office Cleaning

Start by clearing your desk. Since you probably spend most of your time behind your desk, it is vital that you clear unnecessary items such as files, folders, and stationery from your work area before the cleaning service company arrives. Besides, such items can attract more dust and bacteria to your office space. By removing these items, you will have the cleaning crew focus on cleaning instead of wasting time de-cluttering your office.

Open Communication

Ensure that the cleaning service you hire understands what is expected of them. For example, you can let them know how often you require them onsite or you can change your cleaning schedule to a plan and routine that works better for you.

Additionally, you may not be content with the products they use or how something is getting cleaned. It’s paramount to raise these issues with your service providers so they can resolve them and provide the service you are paying for. After all, a professional office cleaning service is not only about cleaning, but also making life a little bit more comfortable for you.

Make a Plan

By reflecting on your budget and the amount of space there is around the office, you can structure a clear idea of what you expect. For example, you can decide first to deep-clean certain areas of your office before regular maintenance is done. You can also request your janitorial service to concentrate on high traffic areas such as the reception and kitchen areas instead of the unused office areas.

Book Your Cleaning Service for a Quieter Time

Cleaning services are swift and most efficient when there is less amount of disruption or traffic. For example, retail spaces benefit the most when cleaning is done after hours or overnight when there is less traffic. This also applies for busy receptions in office buildings. Most janitorial service providers will accommodate your requests and work during the night or on weekends.

Review the Cleaner’s Monthly/Quarterly Cleaning Plan

Reviewing your janitorial service’s cleaning plan can help you know what you are paying for as well as help you see what work has been completed and when imminent periodical work is scheduled to be completed. Janitorial cleaning companies in Phoenix like Accurate Building Maintenance use CleanTelligent to track inspection reports as well as customer requests and comments.

Offer Feedback

Do you love the way your janitorial service professional did their task? Well, letting the company know how satisfied or unsatisfied you are by their services can help develop performance and motivation and ensure that everything is completed correctly in future cleanings.

Your office staff need and deserve to work in a clean and healthy environment. If you need Phoenix janitorial services, call Accurate Building Maintenance at 480-206-6453 today for a premier cleaning service and you will wonder what you did without us.