Office Floor Cleaning in Las Vegas

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The professional cleaning experts at Accurate Building Maintenance understand how important office floor cleaning in Las Vegas is to area business owners. In addition to maintaining a healthy and safe working environment for employees, clean floors are essential for presenting a professional image to clients.

ABM’s experienced cleaners have the training, expertise and knowledge necessary to take care of carpets, hardwood, tile and vinyl flooring. Regardless of need, we guarantee our clients the deepest clean possible using the most up-to-date and environmentally friendly technology, supplies and systems available to the industry.

Vacuuming is an effective way to remove loose dirt and debris from office carpeting but only periodic steam cleaning will get rid of ground in dirt and debris, especially in high traffic areas. The hot water extraction method dislodges the dirt stuck to the fibers and sucks it out leaving a clean, fresh smelling carpet. We utilize a truck-mounted cleaning system that will extend the life of the carpeting and leave the floor dry in just 30 minutes.

Cleaning hardwood floors is challenging and requires more than just dragging a broom or mop around the floor. Surface cleaning is a start but only goes so far before simply redistributing the remaining dust, dirt and debris. Professional cleaners utilize the most advance techniques to extract unseen ground-in dirt from hardwood floor crevices.

Depending on the scope of the project, our professional cleaning technicians use a walk-behind or rider scrubber to leave any hard surface clean. Their methods produce a dry floor that is immediately available for use with no waiting required.

Commercial Floor Cleaning Makes a Great Impression on Clients

Keeping the floors clean is an effective way to make sure any business will always make a great impression on important clients and visitors. At the same time, it creates a healthy work environment for employees by improving indoor air quality. This improves productivity and reduces the need for employees to take sick days off.

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