Office Cleaning in Flagstaff

Make Accurate Building Maintenance Your Choice for Office Cleaning in Flagstaff

Office cleaning in Flagstaff requires much more than just emptying the trashcans and wiping down the bathroom fixtures every day. When you hire Accurate Building Maintenance, you receive the benefits of a full-scale professional service that understands the importance of creating a germ free work environment.

Every aspect of our cleaning service goes beyond just making sure the office is neat and tidy. We provide our professionally trained staff with the state of the art equipment they need to clean your office from floor to ceiling and every space in between.

The average office is a fertile breeding ground for germs and bacteria that threaten the health of employees and clients. Phone handsets, keyboards and shared business machines are among the worst culprits. These items are constantly in use and with several individuals touching them every day it offers a convenient way for microorganisms to spread to other parts of the office.

Our cleaning technicians take care to disinfect all surfaces and use microfiber dust cloths designed to lift dust and debris off the surfaces instead of just spreading it around. Our staff will also clean and disinfect the restrooms and kitchen or employee break room to prevent the spread of germs from those areas.

Our Janitorial Cleaning Uses Green Cleaning Products

We use green cleaning products to eliminate the noxious fumes and residue produced by cleaning agents containing harsh chemicals. We incorporate the latest advancements in cleaning technology to improve service and reduce costs.

As a testament to our commitment to providing outstanding customer service, we guarantee to have a district manager available around the clock to respond to emergency calls. Our manager will return your call within 10 minutes and dispatch a cleaning crew to your location immediately.

Hiring a professional cleaning company is a wise investment in your business because it boosts employee morale and improves productivity. Call the experts at Accurate Building Maintenance today at 928-246-1716 or 888-646-7834 to see how we can make a difference.