Janitorial Service in Las Vegas

Why is Janitorial Service in Las Vegas so Important?
Learn What the Bathroom Says About Your Office

Clean Office Bathroom

Whether you have a large commercial firm or a small corner-store office, your bathroom speaks volumes about your business. Having a clean, modern, and well-organized restroom can have a significant impact on how your customers, employees, and even investors view your business. A properly maintained office bathroom shows you place value on the details, even in non-revenue generating areas. Finding the right janitorial service in Las Vegas is the ideal method of ensuring your bathroom is always at its best.

Still not convinced? Consider the following statements a well-kept bathroom can say about your office:

Leave a great impression on your customers. Most offices have a set of public bathrooms utilized by both employees and customers. Having a clean and sanitary bathroom presents your brand as one that cares about the details. In contrast, a recent survey by CleanLink discovered a whopping 75% of US adults wouldn’t return to a restaurant in which they experienced a dirty bathroom. While a restaurant atmosphere isn’t quite the same as a commercial office, the underlying sentiment of cleanliness equaling professionalism is the same.

Improve your employee relations. Keeping your employees cared for and earning their trust is a cornerstone concept for the longevity of any business. How well a company can retain its employee base reflects how successful it will be. Another survey found 83% of American workers believe the condition of a workplace restroom indicates how an employer values its workers. That’s because promoting good restroom hygiene practices — especially in office areas where bathrooms are largely employee-only — signal that as an employer or manager, you care about your employees’ health and comfort as much as you do about your customers.

Additionally, promoting such good hygiene practices have the other side benefit of reducing the transfer of diseases and illnesses among your employees. Healthy employees reduce absenteeism and the associated losses in productivity and overall revenue.

Hire the Right Janitorial Service in Las Vegas

In the end, while your bathrooms can’t earn you any direct revenue, they can have a significant impact on your bottom line and your brand’s reputation. But it’s going to take more than a casual mopping. Hiring a janitorial service in Las Vegas is the best way to give the bathrooms in your office the tile-to-tile attention necessary to really make those positive statements about your business. For more information, contact us at 702-220-8180.