Why You Should Contract Business Cleaning Services in Las Vegas 5x/week

The state of cleanliness in your commercial building reflects directly upon your brand and company message. It is imperative for office premises, whether it’s a retail shop or towering commercial building, to be thoroughly cleaned to prevent the breeding of harmful bacteria and allergens and promote an orderly and fresh-aired work environment.

While some aspects of cleaning may be done by an in-office janitorial member, in many cases business owners and managers will find hiring outside business cleaning services in Las Vegas to be their most cost-efficient and effective choice. Especially when hired for daily cleaning services. Here’s a quick look at why:

  • Bacteria & viruses add up.  Bacteria can increase as much as 31% per day on surfaces that do not receive a daily disinfection. Additionally, cold and flu viruses can survive for up to 18 hours when left untouched on a hard surface. Only with daily business cleaning services in Las Vegas can you ensure such viruses and bacteria aren’t allowed to thrive and negatively impact the health (and subsequently the work performance and productivity) of your employees and clients.
  • Dirt and dust build up.   Airborne dirt, dust, and other allergens that get blown throughout your office space can and will build up on surfaces that are not routinely wiped down and cleaned. Daily business cleaning services keeps customers and employees healthy by consistently removing these allergens from the premises every day. In addition to being the healthier option, daily cleaning for this is less expensive and labor intensive than if you only hired out for it once a week or less. Not only will dirt, dust, and other airborne particles build up on your surfaces, but they also infiltrate and clog up air duct and heating and conditioning equipment. Such clogs can lead to expensive repairs, especially in large commercial buildings.
  • Public restrooms are germ grand central.  There is nothing that says ‘healthy and clean office’ like a healthy and clean restroom. You absolutely do not want clients and office visitors to go into your company’s bathroom only to be greeted with smells, stains, or an otherwise unhealthy environment. A spotless, clean bathroom is likewise imperative for good employee morale. According to one national survey, 83% of Americans believe the condition of workplace restrooms indicate how much their employer values them and 31% of business patrons said they would never return to a business that had an unclean restroom. The importance of daily bathroom cleaning for a healthier and happier office environment should not be overlooked.

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