Comprehensive Services

We take a proactive partnership approach to ensure every building is maintained at the highest standard. This means more attention to detail than the traditional “surface” clean.

Accurate Building Maintenance is Your Las Vegas Commercial Cleaning Company

The way we see it, cleaning contractors should not be simply rated on their ability after the job is done, but on whether the contractor does the best job possible to ensure it stays clean longer. Such stringent standards ensure our clients always receive the best quality for the best value.

We do it right the first time by remaining committed to every aspect of building maintenance services, from ceiling to floor and from basic cubical cleaning to caring for fine art and artifacts. Our diversified services even include marble, concrete coatings, and stain removal.

Accurate Quality
Deep Cleaning Restrooms

In addition to our high standard daily cleaning, we recommend monthly deep cleaning, which removes all soils and germs.

Hard Surface Floor Care

We employ a rider scrubber and walk-behind auto scrubber, which leave hard surface floors clean, dry, and available for immediate use.

Carpet Cleaning

Our method for carpet cleaning employs a truck-mounted system, which extends the life of the carpet and leaves the floor dry in 30 minutes.

Concrete Cleaning

Our advanced equipment is ideal for hard surface cleaning, which steam cleans and extracts any dirt and debris.

Emergency Flood Cleanup

Our truck-mounted system can remove massive amounts of water faster than other truck mounted systems on the market.

Vacuum Cleaners

We have the finest vacuums available, equipped with medical grade or HEPA filtration for cleaning carpets, upholstery, high dusting, and hard floor surfaces.

Dusting Equipment

Since our dusters are covered with pro-duster sleeves, we attract and collect the dust rather than moving it around.

Steam Detailing

Our steam cleaning procedures can be periodically employed to deep clean and sanitize rooms, including plumbing, grout, and tile.

Flat Mopping

By employing special micro fiber mops, we clean floors more efficiently, particularly around edges, with less water in order to reduce steaks and water hazards.

Building Improvements

We can install matting systems designed to keep dirt and moisture from getting into your building environment.