When your cleaning contract is simply words on a page, it is impossible to be certain anyone is actually carrying out the tasks. For all you know, your building could be dirty, while your cleaning staff is walking away with the profit. To ensure you receive value for money, you need proof that your contractor is cleaning properly, and for this reason, we employ CleanTelligent.

How Does CleanTelligent Work?


We transfer your contract into the CleanTelligent system, including areas that require cleaning and their frequency. We use this data to create a schedule describing exactly what tasks are needed at each hour of the day. Using this information, we perform regular inspections to ensure that every task exceeds industry-standard quality. Using your user name and password, you can access our inspection results at any time to check that we are upholding our end of the deal.

If you encounter any issues with cleaning — for instance, a task is completed insufficiently or you require an additional cleaning service that is not listed on the schedule — you can use your current email system or submit a message directly through CleanTelligent to notify the relevant personnel. Should you receive no response within a reasonable time period, the message will move to upper management. We will also respond to your message and send you a progress update.

We constantly work to improve cleaning quality for your company; for instance, by using performance reports that improve accountability and internal training. We email you whenever we release a new report, enabling you to check that you are receiving real value for your money. All data is secure and encrypted, meaning it is only accessible to us and those responsible for cleaning in your company.

Benefits of CleanTelligent

With CleanTelligent, you control our cleaning services, and the cleanliness of your building remains in your hands. You always know that services have been conducted exactly as you specified, meaning that customer service often surpasses your expectations and the money you invest in cleaning is never wasted. Plus, there is no need to adapt to our system — we will work around your current business practices to make your life easier.